Deep Blue Maryland Elects Republican Larry Hogan Governor

By Last Reporter 

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Maryland Gov.-Elect Larry Hogan Credit: Photo Courtesy Hogan Campaign

Republican Larry Hogan, an Anne Arundel County businessman who has never held public office before, upset Democratic favorite Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown by becoming governor of Maryland, one of the bluest of blue states in the Union, where Democrats voter registration is 2 to 1 over Republicans.

The major upset had Hogan winning with 847,107 votes, or 51% of the vote, compared to Brown’s 770,511, or 46% of the vote.

While there is little doubt that Hogan’s victory was aided by the national Republican wave that enabled the Party to capture a majority of seats in the Senate, it is also clear that the new governor-elect was helped by a sagging Maryland economy and the 40 tax increases imposed during the two-term administration of Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is busy running for president.

But most political pundits believe that the election was Brown’s to lose and lose it he did by peppering voters with a series of mailers, commercials and statements that tried to paint Hogan as a right-wing extremist who would try to make abortion illegal and military style weapons legal. Late in the campaign, when it became apparent that Hogan was gaining traction, the Democratic Party resorted to ugly race baiting.

Brown, who is an African-American, refused to repudiate flyers sent in the Party’s name to African-American neighborhoods implying that if Hogan were elected governor, Maryland would be transformed back to the days of segregation and social injustice. Brown also was aloof with the press and balked at debating Hogan when he was the favored candidate. When he finally did come around and debate Hogan, Brown came off stiff and unnatural, while Hogan came across as the good guy next door, according to political observers.

A Mandate Against — Not For

Although the Republicans and Hogan are trying to claim his win as an historic mandate for the Republican Party, in reality his victory was a mandate against President Barack Obama’s policies and those of the Democratic party, pundits say. They attribute his success to the fact that Hogan was wise enough to avoid personal attacks against Brown during the campaign, and instead focused on his plan to invigorate Maryland’s weak economy with a series of tax cuts, budget cuts and a strong effort to attract new businesses to the state. Hogan also refused to answer false claims made against him by the Brown campaign and instead stuck to the high road and stayed on message.

During his acceptance speech, Hogan graciously praised Brown and thanked him and Gov. O’Malley for their service to the state. Hogan summed up his campaign in one sentence: “They said it couldn’t be done in Maryland. But together we did it.”

5 Reasons the Republican Tidal Wave Could Melt Away

By Last Reporter


Republican Tidal Wave?

On this eve of the election where Republicans believe they will regain the majority of seats in the United States Senate, it’s only fair to point out why such a scenario may never come to pass.

I’ve read all of the polls and yes, I’ve seen all of the fancy graphs, but there are certain factors that I believe will put a damper on any so-called Republican wave, during this midterm 2014 election.

Sadly, Republicans are putting all of their hopes and dreams on the fact that President Obama has a very low popularity rating, and they believe that this and a sagging economy are enough to catapult them into a strong congressional majority.

However, I’m not so sure that is the case, and here’s why:

1. The Democratic Party’s ground game of getting out the vote is so much stronger than the Republicans it makes the grand old party look like rank amateurs. Already there are reports in my state of Maryland that that Democratic turnout is much higher than Republican turnout in early voting. While I live in one of the bluest states in the Union, it’s still a fact that even with an unpopular president in a poor economy, union workers, community activists and hard-core Democratic volunteers are in fact getting out the vote.

2. Then there is the illegal alien vote. Already there are reports that as early as 2008 a certain percentage of illegal aliens who were registered to vote automatically when applying for driver’s licenses have exercised this right they are not entitled to. A percentage of them, albeit small, have been documented as voting in our elections. Such participation could end up being a deciding effect in close races throughout the United States.

3. While Republicans are beating their chests saying that they believe they have captured for the first time ever the women’s vote, it’s statistically clear that the Democrats still have 98% of the African-American vote, a majority of the Latino vote and the Millenniums’ vote in their pockets.

No real alternatives (4)

As stated earlier, other than an unpopular president and a poor economy, the Republican Party has not really offered any viable alternatives to turn this country around. Yes, they have pitched the same old tax deductions, enterprise zones, cut regulations rhetoric of the Reagan years, but they haven’t really offered any new solutions that resonate in 2014.

No real leaders (5)

With all of the political and economic malaise mounting in the United States, no Republican leader, or leaders,  have come out and challenged Obama. In other words, there is no face of the Republican Party except tired old talking heads such as Mitt Romney and the cardboard ultraconservative characters such as Sens. Rand Paul and and Ted Cruz, whose hardened ultra-conservative philosophies certainly keep them from ever winning a national election.

And then of course, there’s the possibility of a new dynasty member making his royal appearance in the form of former Gov. Jeb Bush.

It’s hard for me to believe that even the most frustrated Americans would turn to such a weak field of wannabees, has beens,  or unimaginative so-called leaders.

My prediction

Even though I think most Americans yearn for and alternative to the failed policies of the Democratic Party and its head Barack Obama, it appears in the that at the very best Republicans tidal wave will melt into a high tide and perhaps allows them to capture a small majority of the Senate. This small majority will not give them the power to pass legislation or veto Obama, nor will he give them much power to improve their so-called “brand” for the upcoming 2016 presidential contest.


U.S. Stockpiles Radiation Poisoning Antidotes as Obama Downplays Radical Islam


By Last Reporter

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United States Prepares for Nuclear Terror Credit: Art by Chet Dembeck All Rights Reserved 2014

While the Obama administration pretends we are not at war with an ever-growing Radical Islamic World, the United States government is quietly spending  hundreds of millions on stockpiling antidotes for radiation poisoning.

For example, Soligenix Inc., a biopharma company based in Princeton, New Jersey recently announced that it won a $24-million-dollar contract from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health to provide the pre-clinical, manufacturing and clinical development activities necessary to get approval with the FDA for its new drug that treats acute radiation symptoms.

Hundreds of Millions Spent

In addition, HHS has awarded contracts worth about $200 million to companies working on products to treat acute radiation syndrome, according to a Sept. 26, 2013 HHS press release.

So, as the Obama administration refuses to control our borders and is about to issue millions of green cards to pass, present and future illegal aliens, the machinery of the U.S. government is spending hundreds of millions on protecting us against a potential terrorist detonating  a dirty bomb or a nuclear weapon in one of our cities.

And at a time when every couple of days radical, Muslim terrorists are attacking United States citizens, by beheading them or attacking them with hatchets, the administration pretends that these are isolated incidents committed by crazed individuals when in fact they are part of a bigger worldwide war by Radical Islam against the United States.

Obama, Bush and Cheney Agree On One Thing

Nothing has changed since September 11, 2001. The radical Muslim, worldwide movement is hell-bent on either converting the world to Mohammedanism or destroying it by trying. This has been its stated goal since its inception.

President Obama, Pres. George W. Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney all have one thing in common. They have all publicly expressed their deep fear that one day a lone terrorist or a small group of terrorists will successfully detonate a small nuclear device in an American city. In fact, Dick Cheney has recently gone as far as saying on the record  that the next terrorist attack against the United States will make Sept. 11 appear insignificant in scope of destruction and violence.

Compromise Is Impossible

So, it is with much alarm that the Obama administration still fails to recognize the true nature of this threat against the American people. It’s time to put politics aside. It’s time to look our enemies straight in the eyes and see them for what they are and call them for what they are.

They embrace a religious philosophy that says all those who fail to convert and become Muslims are to be destroyed. There is no room for compromise anymore then there was any room for compromise with Adolf Hitler when he embraced a philosophy of the so-called Master Race, which said that all Jewish people should be exterminated and that all non-Aryan races would become Nazi slaves.

Must Take Control of Our Borders

I cannot remember President Roosevelt opening the borders to Nazis during the Second World War. Yet, the current administration and certain cheap-labor Republican advocates have made it easy for our enemies to infiltrate our major cities and create potential sleeper cells that one day could detonate the ultimate nuclear suicide bomb that will bring life as we know it to an apocalyptic end.

To view this worldwide Jihad as anything less than an unyielding war against us  is not only delusional but extremely dangerous to the survival of our country and the entire the free world.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for us to once again take control of our borders and stop the flow of illegal aliens into our country while at the same time carefully scrutinizing  every legal alien who sets foot on our soil.